Gigabyte U60 UPMC, Centrino Pro Notebooks

by Dhiram Shah

Gigabyte is all set to unveil the classy league of five Notebooks at CeBit. All the five models are built on Intel’s Merom-specific mobile platform and provide with a whopping 10,000 mAH eight-hour battery life. All systems use Windows Vista (pre-loaded into them). Looking at the few specs that are available for individual laptops, the W251U has a 12.1-inch screen and a built-in webcam, the W466U comes with a 14inch display, the W468N provides with a 256MB NVIDIA NB8P graphic card and Robson quick-boot technology. This one is a 14 incher as well. The W566N just has a 15.4 inch screen with with Dual-Heatpipe cooling and finally the 17” marvel, the W756N is a gamer’s haven with 1GB dedicated graphics. The company has managed to hush up the rest of the specs, much to our disappointment.

We will have to wait for Cebit to start (March 15) to know how much these marvels shall cost or when they are going to be made available.

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