Gigabyte launches G-X5 Mobile phone

by Dhiram Shah

Gigabyte today launched it’s first Mobile phone the Gx-5. Earlier showcased in Cebit 2005, the Gx-5 has a slider form, Triband GSM, 2″ 262k colors TFT LCD Screen, MP3 Player, Mini SD Card Slot (128 Mb card included), 1.3 Megapixel camera with motion sensor. One interesting features is “The Amusement Map” basically this feature allows the phone to guide you to the best places in the vicinity. You could for example find out where the nearest theatre or restaurant is. Another exciting features is the “Hiding Chest” the “hidden person” means that you can specify that all correspondence from a certain person will not be visible. I assume this means that messages, call details, photogrpahs , anything that is related to this person will not be visible until the correct password is input by the owner of the device. The Gigabyte Gx-5 will retail for approx US $ 450 – 475.
Via Phoneyworld

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