Gift a Pepsi with its new Social Vending Machine

by Shalu Pillai

The world is going social, while Pepsi does everything in its power to get you to drinking more Pepsi! Their latest innovation is a special online social platform realm that the company is applying to their physical vending machines. Its very own Social Vending Machine, was showcased today at a trade show in Chicago that will let users gift drinks to friends and even strangers. The machine comes with a touch screen interface that gives users the option to buy a drink, gift a drink, redeem a drink, or connect with the Pepsi Refresh Project. All you have to do is choose a drink, enter your friend’s phone number along with a text message and an optional video message and Send. Your friend will receive gift as a text message on their phone with a code, which can be redeemed at their local social vending machine. You can also gift strangers with the “random acts of refreshment” feature.

A tie-in with Facebook or Twitter or any kind of iOS or Android app, would largely help boost this, because having to physically type in phone numbers and text messages on screen could be bothersome. Watch a demo video below.
Via – [Gizmodiva]