Get an incredibly detailed 3D printed mini version of yourself for $300

by Shayne Rana

Well if the wealthy can have busts and portraits of themselves, I don’t see why those that fall under that category can’t have it too. Well that reality is becoming a little more affordable now thanks to the good old 3D printers. A company called Twinkind that seems to specialize in 360-degree scanning and 3-D printing technologies is delving deep into printing little statues of people with quite a bit of accuracy in the details. These figurines that can go up to 13 inches look quite realistic in terms of facial expressions, colors and other details and look quite remarkable.

Taking their cue from a Tokyo based business called Otome that’s essentially a 3-D photo booth, the founders of the company, Kristina Neurohr and Timo Schaedel are fervently working towards getting their own shop in order by trying to streamline the process and add as much detail to the finished product as possible. Their goal is to produce realistic little figurines of customers looking to have themselves or family members crafted for posterity. “The products are small, but the technologies and workflows are pretty complex,” Schaedel says. While their technology will allow you to pretty much gear up into any get up you desires, a few limited items of clothing like silk, tulle, and chiffon are not recommended as they tend to affect the scanning process. Wearing glasses is also a no-no.

The dynamic duo are working towards getting their ‘little’ (pun intended) business up and running soon in Hamburg, Germany. Their aim is to keep pushing the boundaries of the technology to ensure a more lifelike representation of their ‘subjects’. For a figurine of 6 inches it would set you back about $300 and the larger to 13 inch model would be priced at around $1,700. Not too bad for a more detailed version of your self documentation.

[Get your Mini version at Twinkinds studio via Wired]



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