Pioneer printer turns Unborn Baby’s Mundane Ultrasound into 3D Hologram

by Sayan Chakravarty

Pioneer, late last year, showcased a briefcase sized 3D full colour holographic printer. The Japanese company has announced a service that’ll sure make some expecting mothers really happy. The service will let them immortalize their baby’s priceless expressions into 3D holograms. Until now, keeping a copy of the barely legible ultrasound image was a norm, but a 3D hologram will be one heck of a memento to save for life! The printer can record a full colour card-sized Lippmann hologram in 120 minutes and 90 minutes for single coloured.

The 3D hologram has a 23 degree viewing angle, and is 200 components high and 300 wide, with each component containing 60 points of view vertically and horizontally making the effect deep and rich, it uses a high-performance film as a recording medium, called Bayfol HX. Check out the YouTube video for the product demo.

[Via – Diginfo]