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Gesture based Interaction screen make the iPhone look from the 19th century

by Dhiram Shah

UK based agency ‘The Alternative’ has developed a gesture based interaction screen for Orange. It is for the first time that such a technology is showcased to the general public says a spokesman for the agency. The large projected image has a touch free interface and provides users a new way to activate news, film clips and music videos.

The Alternative creates the world’s first no-touch interactive shop window for Orange.
The Alternative, a London based Engagement and Creative Agency, has developed a unique way to engage passers-by on busy London streets.
In addition, this innovation has provided Orange with a fun way to excite and entertain customers for hours after their Carnaby Street retail store has closed for the day. The installation in the store’s main window employs a large projection screen and highly advanced piece of motion capture technology. This technology is has been developed by The Alternative and this is the first time it’s been shown to the public. Via the large projected image and a touch-free interface, the installation provides users with a very engaging new way to activate news, film clips, music videos and many of Orange’s unique services. To use the window all you need is a hand, and the ability to wave it wildly in thin air without caring what you look like!
This ground-breaking innovation really does appear to be a world-first, so naturally it’s hard to create suitable comparisons. If forced to make one, Gavin Martin, Creative Director of The Alternative, says, “This really is the next generation of the user interface. We wanted to throw out all the traditional ways if interacting with technology and start from scratch. We created this with the needs of humans in mind, not computers. Many people find it hard to imagine but a few people have referenced the film ‘Minority Report’, with the exception that with our interface you don’t need a ‘magic glove’, or indeed a controlled environment to use this.” One of the most impressive features isn’t a technical one, however. It’s how the window turns even the most reserved person into a piece of street theatre within seconds. “The interactive is just as much fun when you watch others use it as it is to play with yourself. Because it requires movement is very intuitive, it’s great fun. Tests have shown that we can now make a playful child out of any grown adult in a matter of seconds!” adds Gavin.
The motion-capture system will undoubtedly find many more exciting applications across a wide variety of sectors. To properly appreciate the technology and the street theatre it generates, you simply must experience it.

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  1. Scott Burkett

    Very cool installation! But not new – others, including PlayMotion.com have been doing this type of thing for years.


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