Geoffrey Cooper’s Geocentric watch inspires awe, looks fantastic and yes, it does tell time

by Shayne Rana

I’m a watch guy at heart. Loved the dials, digits, backlights, chronos you name it. I even had one of those Mickey Mouse watches where his hands told time by moving around. Preferably the digital watches are what I lean toward but this concept, Geoffrey Cooper’s Geocentric watch has me in tears. Normally I’d reserve this word for mom nature of the other ladies but this watch is so (choke) beautiful. The concept depicts a dial the movement of which could be compared to planets rotating around the sun. The two rings used to tell time (which doesn’t look to easy by the way, but it’s still beautiful) are constantly in motion moving around in a ‘fixed orbit’ of sorts. The creator’s idea is simply to inspire and spark wonder in the viewer and tell time in unique style.

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