Genius BT-03l Bluetooth headset, innovative styling wins them an award too

by yogesh

Their innovative designing got them the coveted 2008 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award in the “Headphones” category. We are talking about the very stylish Genius BT-03l touch Bluetooth headset. It is the first headset in the world to feature a capacitance touch panel with slide control. This allows you to adjust the volume by simply sliding the bar using the touch sensor. It complements Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and PDA and supports A2DP hands free, therefore users can take a call or listen to music which is automatically muted when receiving an incoming call. Distorted calls will be a thing of the past with this headphone; call clarity is enhanced via the CSR CvC (Clear Voice capture) function. The BT-03I consumes lesser power the 320mA rechargeable Li-on polymer battery provides for up to 15 hours of usage and an effective range of up to 30 feet.

Genius BT-03l Bluetooth headset features a transparent look and curve shape, with the silicon ear hook is designed to fit any ear angle and shape. You will be able to pick one up by March, 2008 for $79 and peek a glance at it at CES 2008.

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