Gekkopod ‘Selfie-Stick Killer’ is the world’s most flexible mount

by Gareth Mankoo

There’s no thinking twice for us before we put our money into this beauty. The Gekkopod is here and it’s the quadpod we were all waiting for. This endearingly designed stand supports your gizmos including smartphones, cameras and GoPros on just about any surface. The options for various mount fittings is one thing, what really intrigues us is the fact that the limbs of the stand can easily wrap themselves around surfaces, thus offering you the same stability on a tree trunk and a smooth marble platform. It could well become the “selfie stick killer” by latching onto just about any stick. The makers have all dabbled into the idea of glow-in-the-dark mounts, thus making it the most trustworthy companion for smartphones owned by the forgetful and the adventurous alike.

We’re absolutely smitten by this genius accessory. Being durable and lightweight makes it even more tempting. With 35 days to go, the Gekkopod has already raised over $34K, that’s over double of the $15k target set for it.

[Via – Kick Starter]