Geeky technology-packed Le Terme shower booth entertains you as you bathe!

by Gavril Mankoo

There were days when singing aloud in the shower was the only way to entertain yourself as you washed away a day’s worth of grime. Designer Fei Chung Billy Ho’s 2012 Reece Bathroom Innovations Awards entry howver could pretty much turn things around, making bathing-time a lot more entertaining than settling down in a bathtub with an inexpressive rubber ducky. Sporting a stainless steel structure, antibacterial cypress wood base and OLED interactive glass panels, this shower booth christened the Le Terme literally enables you to hook up to your smartphone or tablet from the comfort of your bathroom and view your favorite videos or listen to music! A high-tech shower-booth unlike any other, this one’s bound to have geeks bathing for longer hours.


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