GE Vscan is a pocket-Ultrasound device

by Gareth Mankoo

You don’t need to go to your doctor and nag the sanity out of her, especially during the last few months of your wife’s pregnancy. Parents have a knack of getting too curious to see what they’re about to bring into the world, and the ultrasound is their only window to the womb. Behold, the GE Vscan is a cool ultrasound device that can comfortably sit in your pocket during those brief spell when you feel you don’t need to see that life-form in your wife’s tummy. It’s shaped like a clamshell pone and has a little display that shows you your bundle of joy.

The GE Vscan Ultrasound would do good if it had Bluetooth to transmit the captured video and send it to your phone so that you can flaunt your wife’s insides.

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