Video: Here’s what your home could look like in 2025, courtesy GE

by Gareth Mankoo

GE are quite staunch when it comes to adhering to future-ready designs and concepts in home appliances. Their stance is pretty much supported by the vision they share, for instance, in this cool video. We solemnly hope that these aren’t ideas of an idle mind that vanish into thin air, under the blanked of being concepts, but instead stem out and become a reality. It’s what GE as a giant name in the industry can enable. From the amazing things we see here is an interesting window-mounted urban grill which ensures your home is smoke free. Then we have a 3D printer, which also happens to be mounted and prints out edibles such as dog biscuits and the likes. Keeping health in perspective, a thermal nightstand installation makes sure that your foods and beverages are stored at optimal temperatures. Next is a cool clothes washer, dryer, wardrobe planner, you ask of it and it delivers! My personal favorite is the dishwasher, especially with the butter fingers I am inflicted with, I could do with something that cleans my china without crushing it.

Some may view these concepts as too farfetched for 12 years hence. But how many of us, 12 years ago would project something as thing as a slate that could bring us a pizza, a cab, heat our water, respond back with speech and even house a virtual girlfriend? It’s time to wait and hope.









[Via – Dvice]

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