Gamestop: Kinect and Move may be short supply during the holiday season

by Gareth Mankoo

The Microsoft Kinect fiasco may be stabbed in the gut to some extent with the holiday season just about to kick in. So says Gamestop president Tony Bartel, “(Kinect) will be a hot item through the holiday season and the key opportunity will be just to continue to keep them in stock.” He continues, “So, whenever consumers do see Kinect and they want Kinect for the holiday season, they should pick it up because it will be in short supply in the holiday.” To make it worse for those who were considering the Move as a better replacement gift for their young ones, he prophesized that the PS Move will also be a crawler into the market.

He even went on to say that the in-stock guarantee by Gamestop wouldn’t hold for the Kinect. Well, what we once saw as Project Natal has grown into a hypemeister beyond our expectations.