Pen drive sized GameStick is the world’s most portable TV gaming console

by Sayan Chakravarty

GameStick is the world’s most portable TV gaming console which is as big as a medium sized USB dongle and neatly slots inside the Bluetooth controller that comes along with it. Developed by PlayJam, the microconsole was released in November this year after a delay of 4 months. It plugs directly into the back of a TV via the HDMI port and users can access and download content via its curated store-front via Wi-Fi with content stored locally for off-line access. The console runs of Android operating system and technically has the capacity of a mid-range smartphone but it does not feature Google Play.

Downloadable games come cheap and prices range from free to £3 ($5 approximately) but don’t expect it to deliver high definition games similar to bigger and mightier gaming consoles. Nevertheless, they are good enough to keep you busy. The best thing about the microconsole and the gamepad it its build quality and design. The white colored console looks like a work of Sir Jony Ive. The rectangular controller that houses the console inside in flat and sized like a smartphone which means it can easily be put into the back pocket and has two thumbsticks, a D-pad, four buttons and two shoulder buttons. It is priced at £79.99 ($130 approx) which might be a little steep comparing to what it has to offer.



[Via – GameStick]

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