Gamers get prioritized traffic broadband package from Demon ISP

by Shayne Rana

Gamers have got to be some of the most laid back individuals ever. The gaming industry seems to be making piles of money and there’s so much that companies are willing to do for these individuals. For instance, Demon has just announced that they’ve got a new broadband package for the gaming community that prioritizes the traffic of gamers. For a sum of about $4 (£3) per month you can avail of this gaming connection. According to the sites Demon has enough extra capacity to cover any surge and it won’t affect the daily home user… too much. This ISP also promises lower latency, faster ping times, 24-hour UK-based support and 20MBits/sec downloads with 1Mbit/sec uploads.

There will also be no usage restrictions but those who sign up to the package will be limited to 100GB a month between 8am and 11pm. Even the gaming companies are getting on board and tie ups with the ISP are on the way for a faster network for playing or downloading. The Game Pro package starts from about $35 (£23) a month.
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