Game consoles consume more than $1 Billion worth of energy

by mohsin

The war between the three major consoles continues on the ecological front now. So far this year, Wii is winning the sales war, followed by XBOX 360, with PS3 trailing not far behind. Now it seems the Wii is winning in another front too. If one was to look at power consumption levels of each console, it’s easy to see that these consoles are power-hogs. According to a study done by the Natural Resources Defense council and Ecos consulting approximately 16 billion kilowatt-hours is consumed by gaming consoles. The average Xbox consumes about 119 watts in active mode, the PS3 averages out to 150 watts, and the Wii with its less pull on graphics rates only 16 watts in active mode.

So, it is a bright idea to turn off your game console when you are done blowing up the world after all. On a lighter note, the tiny Wii is much more efficient than the big boys. Most likely, the results of these tests won’t sway your judgment, but they still may be interesting to look at.

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