Game of Thrones Monopoly set makes you the master of coin

by Gareth Mankoo

Littlefinger or Sir Tyrell may not be equipped with something so portable and efficient to decide the fate of the seven kingdoms. But then Firebox doesn’t serve Westeros in any case. The amazing Game of Thrones Monopoly set we have here is something that will take the roll of the dice to estimate what the fate of your noble house could be. Your ultimate goal is the Iron Throne but the journey is perilous through hostile regions including the icy Craster’s Keep and the street-rats at Kings Landing. Of course, you do not have the gold cloaks or dragons to do the killing for you. You need your share of luck and strategy to work your way to the top. May be the master of whisperers could be your guide.

The game is officially licensed by HBO. You will have to deal with a direwolf in place of the usual dog and the top hat being replaced by a crown. It will set you back £30 ($46).

[Available at – Firebox]

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