Elin Jonsson gives Nouveau tribute to the ladies of Game of Thrones

by Gareth Mankoo

Art is where the idiot box it. It’s the fact in today’s day and age and well, we’re not complaining this time. Elin Jonsson has created these cool Art Nouveau renditions that pay tribute to the significant ladies from the Game of Thrones series. We have most of our favorite women in there. There is fine detailing within the bigger picture as well with a morbid Eddard Stark under the feet of Lady Stark and the Highgarden darling bathed in roses. Sansa is flanked with the lustful eyes of Little Finger undressing her with his mere gaze, while Daenerys seems to be missing the amazing black-scaled Drogon.

The pieces of art have been inspired by the painting style of art nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha. If you’re interested in these then do order prints/iPhone cases/throw pillows with the designs from Elin’s Society6 shop.





[Via – Geekologie]

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