GAC Witstar self-driving concept car has fish tank in its back seat

by Shruti Shree

Automobile companies these days give a lot of emphasis on looks and interiors of a car. At the Detroit Auto show, the Chinese Automakers have taken a step ahead when it comes to the interiors of the car. The GAC Witstar is not just driverless, but it also has a fish tank near the back seat! Yes, that’s right a fish tank, but of course the fish are not real, keeping real fish would just not be the right thing to do. Guangzhou-based GAC’s Witstar has a plug-in hybrid drivetrain which is quite similar to Chevy Volt. The electric motor will deliver 127 horsepower and 168 lb-ft of torque which will give the vehicle an electric driving range of 62 miles. The 1.0 litre four-cylinder gas generator takes over as soon as the 13 kWh lithium ion battery pack is exhausted which will give the car a total range of 370 miles. The autonomous driving system by GAC will also be equipped with a laser radar, high speed CCD camera, infrared and GPS.

witstar-concept-car-2The fish tank will be placed in between the rear seats of the car. The lounge style seats of GAC Witstar look stylish and the exteriors look great too with a pair of massive Tesla Model-esque gullwing doors. All in all everything about the car has a very futuristic feel to it.


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