Fusion Garage Grid 4 passes FCC with GridOS running strong

by Gareth Mankoo

Fusion Garage Grid 4 wasn’t expected to happen till the end of this year but the hawk-eyes at Engadget managed to find the right cues as to why this promise could well be pre-poned. The Fusion Grid 4 was spotted at FCC and bears a dual-core Qualcomm processor in it, with a 4-inch display screen and 16GB storage. What catches the eye is the fact that it also packs in GridOS. Now, this OS will enable a browser called the Grid Launcher that will connect you to the Internet, while the Grid Desktop application will give you control on local media and files. There’s also a TaoBar that works to ensure you’re up-to-date with notifications.

Engadget also landed on some interesting images of the smartphone. We’re as uncertain of the launch as anyone else though.

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