Fully unlocked iPhone available in Hong Kong

by Dhiram Shah

The iPhone is finally free from AT&T’s shackles and completely unlocked. Stores across Hong Kong are selling it and it is just a matter of time before it makes way to other countries. Unlocking is done using the Turbo SIM method and for 2000 HK dollars or 200 USD the shopkeeper loads up the Chinese or Japanese interface and special fonts so the names of Chinese songs appear correctly. Once unlocked all the features can be accessed from the music player to web browser and to making and receiving calls of course.
(Video and more images after the jump)

Source (Chinese)


  1. winnie

    I got an iphone from hk as a gift and i’m in canada… can i switch the phone back to an english interface?

  2. kristine

    how much is this iphone that they are selling here in HK?

  3. IPhone Owner

    I got an iPhone for Christmas but it was on Firmware 1.1.2. Does anyone know where / how to make it workable in Hong Kong please ?


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