Fujitsu Lifebook U the worlds smallest laptop

by Dhiram Shah

Fujitsu Japan has announced the super compact Lifebook U lappie which rightfully earns the title of ‘the world’s smallest and lightest notebook’. With a footprint of 171×133×26.5 – 32mm only it weighs a mere 580 grams. It is powered by Intel A110 processor at 800Mhz and Intel 945GU Express chipset which has an onboard graphics processor. Specs include Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Fingerprint sensor, 1 x USB 2.0 port, CF and SD card slot, Ethernet and VGA out. The Lifebook U runs on Windows XP Professional or VIsta Business. Watching movies wont be fun on the 5.6 inch (1024 x 600) display but you can surely send emails and make the cost sheet. The LCD doubles as a touch screen and can be rotated and twisted.

The onboard Lithium Ion battery has enough juice for 4 hours of Windows XP or 3.5 hours of Vista Professional, of course you can get the optional battery for extended computing hours. A base configuration with 512MB RAM and 20GB hard drive will cost around 151,200 Yen ($ 1255). Exact pricing and availability is not known yet, however it will be hitting Japan first.


  1. André Gava

    Windows vista is a total waste of resources in a device like this. This OS was not developed to use in such ultra small devices like this. Take a look in Maemo OS (linux) rinning in Nokia devices like N800/N770, that system was totally adapted to run in this kind of devices. The results, more battery time and better user experience.

  2. World’s smallest notebook computer?

    I am obsessed with everything miniature, especially if it’s a working miniature, don’t have much use for it if it’s just some decorative thing. So I love that the electronics world seems equally obsessed with making things as small…

  3. acklan

    I would love to see it run on W2k. Such a lite OS would screem along on a computer like this.
    At only 800mhz I don’t see Vista running very well, if at all.

  4. D.P.Nathan

    I just bought a Fujitsu Lifebook. It uses windows vista and I have real problem with the internet explorer which hangs all the time and refuses to shutdown and keeps opening new windows. I am not sure whether I can use Windows XP instead


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