Fujitsu F884iES a mobile phone that keeps you fit as a horse

by Dhiram Shah

With the infinite stories we have heard on cell phone radiation and all the effects of mobile phones it is refreshing to see one phone that actually does good for you. The Fujitsu F884iES is the latest addition to NTTDoCoMo lineup, it is one of the few phones which has health management capability. The clamshell comes with the usual 2 Megapixel camera, Dual color displays, media player, high speed Internet, expandable memory etc but with all these it packs in the ‘Health Diary’ an application which keeps a close eye on your health. The phone has a built in pedometer which works with the help of 3-axis accelerometers for improved accuracy, so ‘every step you take and every move you make’ is recorded in the Health Diary. The phone also has a pulsimeter which measures your pulse in a rather unique way. You keep the phone near a bright light source and then place your finger on the secondary camera above the screen, the camera captures the vessel movements in the shadows and using a dedicated algorithm it processes the pulse rate.

The Fujitsu F884iES is compatible with Tanita products and your health records along with other data can be transferred to compatible Tanita products via Infrared for further analysis. One more Japan only product which we wish would make it to the West.
Checking the pulse using a camera
Communicating with a Tanita product using Infrared.


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