Fujitsu Laboratories Japan – Develops Real-Time Pulse Monitor Using Facial Imaging

by Sayan Chakravarty

Many companies and scientific Labs around the world are striving hard to come up with more Health-centric technology to make healthcare more hassle-free. Fujitsu Laboratories Limited Japan has developed a technology to measure a person’s pulse in real time using a built-in camera or webcam in a PC, smartphone or tablet that detects a person’s pulse by measuring variations in the brightness of the person’s face thought to be caused by the flow of blood. It requires no special hardware and can measure pulse rate simply by pointing a camera at a person’s face for as little as 5 seconds. It automatically chooses moments when the person’s body and face are relatively still, to minimize the effects of irrelevant data on measurements. Fujitsu will introduce the technology at the 2013 General Conference of the Institute of Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineers, opening March 19 in Gifu, Japan.

Pulse is a very essential indicator of human health. However, pulse monitoring typically requires specialized equipment that must be worn and operated under medical supervision. This technology will make the whole process hassle-free. It will help the user keep a proper track record by uploading the data on cloud. Usability of this technology makes it all the more special; it can be used by busy professionals struggling to make time to monitor their health. It can also be used at Airports to monitor passengers to detect any suspicious activity.




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