Fujitsu introduces ad-transmission technology, offers more details on ads via phone camera

by Gareth Mankoo

We’ve seen how QR Codes can be used effectively to offer additional service and product information to customers, by redirecting them to websites. Now, we’re in 2012 and need something more instant and if possible, simpler. Fujitsu introduced a new technology at CEATEC that enables users to gain more information, coupons and other benefits in relation to the product by holding up the camera during a commercial. Recognizing the advertisement takes a few seconds and then you’re redirected to the site that has the benefit awaiting you.

Basically, it’s a code that flickers on the screen at a high frequency that cannot be deciphered by the human eye. The good part is that you do not experience any flickers in the advertisement and all you need to do is maintain a distance between two and three meters.


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