Fujitsu F-Series may foster cheating, espionage and other sins

by Gareth Mankoo

Security features in devices are generally meant to keep the band ones out of the secret world of users. But what if such devices fall into the hands of the likes of sinful men? Then there’s an extra effort made and wonders like the Fujitsu F-Series come rolling in with interesting security features. Already nicknamed as the ‘infidelity phones’ in Japan, owning the phones itself could be an indicator of your allegedly low morals. The security feature that taints it so simply hides the user’s private applications including missed calls, text messages, emails and more. A secret key combination is required to activate the privacy mode.

So, did Fujitsu really have this positioning in mind when they rolled out the series? Well, maybe no. But any publicity in this fiercely competitive gizmo-craving world is good publicity.