FroliCat Dart is the best workout method for your felines

by Gareth Mankoo

Cats are a bit too touchy when it comes to choice of toys they have. So if your pet doesn’t appreciate a squeaking bone then you’ve got to change strategy. That’s where the FroliCat Dart comes into play. If you’ve been following viral videos closely enough you’ll notice that a fair share of them show cats. And from these feline felonies quite a few are directed at cats falling prey to the ‘awesomeness’ of laser points and chasing the around. The FroliCat Dart aims to satisfy a need as such. It will move a laser point around your room at controlled and varying speeds so as to give your cat a feel of being played with. So much for cat tech. With a little bit of laser know-how you can create one for yourself.

Don’t worry about having a tubby tabby at home now. The FroliCat Dart will make sure that your puss has found his/her muse. £30 (~48).