Frieke Janssens makes tombstone photography in vogue, at $1,060

by Gareth Mankoo

Keeping in line with the many rewarding captures of avante garde photography that have earned him his mighty name among concept shutterbugs, Frieke Janssens has gone on to raise even more eyebrows. He has now conceptualised the art of clicking people’s ‘last shots’. These will be images of people, they would like on their respective tombstones. Morbid as it sounds, the feat is novel. So the image is captioned with the name and year of birth, with sufficient void to fill in the ultimate date of existance. The aim of this objective is to click images that are preferred by the deceased and the many relatives who are generally left to search for images, post death.

Janssens may not be wrong in his situational diagnosis, but $1,060 plus tax is too much money to pay. The tagline reads, ‘your last shot will not be your cheapest shot, but hey, you only live once’. Apt!