More HTC One details leaked online along with an extensive photo gallery

by Sayan Chakravarty

HTC is all set to unveil its new flagship smartphone on the 25th March and has been officially releasing teaser videos of the all-new HTC One over the past few weeks. But it seems, by 25th of this month there won’t be much left for HTC to announce as some more information and an extensive photo gallery was leaked online. This time the leak came from China where an elaborate photo session of the purported device appeared on the local social network Weibo. In the leaked photos, the new HTC One can be seen with a China Mobile carrier branding, and in few photos it appears alongside the HTC One Max which gives an idea of the handset’s proportions.

Shot from different angles, the photos give away almost all the information about the design features of the new HTC One, but we had a fair idea of the aesthetics of the device from the detailed hands-on review posted on YouTube a few weeks back. It doesn’t look much different from the current model expect for the second rear camera. Evleaks also leaked a picture of the HTC One with its smartcover which was caption ‘Holes. Time. Colors.’ By judging the photo, it seems the smartcover will come with some kind of color LEDs on the front to show time, weather and other notifications.







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