Freestyle HD camera can do almost what any sportsperson can

by Gareth Mankoo

Sportsmen love to give the rest of the world their view. Imagine the pride in sharing a video of you from the cockpit of an F1 car, or darting across the English channel or getting past three defenders as you score the goal that bags the world championship. It’s second to nothing, this first-person view thing. Just why we have the Freestyle HD camcorder that is made to accompany every sportsperson and brave most of the conditions that they face to be truly durable. It shoots 1080p video and comes with a removable 1.5-inch LCD. It survives up to 20 meters underwater and manages some impressive 8-megapixel images that can be shared via a computer or directly to a TV.

It can shoot about 2.5 hours of sports. The microSD card can accommodate 32GB of data. To be truly portable it adds a helmet mount and two universal mounts. $280.
CNet Asia

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