Freestanding Tub: The ultimate accessory for your bathroom

by dhiram

A freestanding bathtub is not just furniture — it is a trendy and prestigious solution, which is becoming more and more popular. Such baths help to create a sense of luxury and richness to make the interior design truly unique. But then, the question arises: what about ergonomics and functionality? Is such a bath practical in everyday use? What is the cost of freestanding tub, and how much more expensive it is than usual ones? In our article, we will try to answer all questions because the choice of sanitary ware must be conscious and competent.

Advantages: Why Choose a Freestanding Tub?
A freestanding bath forms the atmosphere in the bathroom and sets the mood at any time of the day. Many buyers want to install such a bathtub in their homes, but there are some doubts. If you are still in contemplation, read the advantages of such bathtubs:

1. Versatility. A freestanding bathtub looks great in any interior style.

2. Freedom to choose the place of installation. This provides flexibility in space planning and makes it possible to implement any design ideas.

3. Aesthetics. One of the main charms of freestanding baths is the concealment of communications. A bathtub looks neat and beautiful because all the pipes are hidden from people’s eyes.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Such Baths?
In fact, there are almost no disadvantages, but the following aspects should be considered before buying:

● You need more space: the area of the bathroom should be at least 5-7 sq.m.
● A freestanding bathtub is not suitable for a shower.
● The heavy weight of the bathtub requires a solid floor.
● You’ll have to pay a little more for luxury. For example, freestanding bathtubs in Aquatica USA cost $500-1,000 more than regular bathtubs, but the quality is better, and the look of bathtubs is much more attractive.

Now, knowing the main advantages and disadvantages of a freestanding bathtub, you can decide for yourself whether you need it or not.