Free-for-all weekends from XboxLive, the weekend just got better!

by Shayne Rana

For those Xbox gamers who haven’t yet gone Live, firstly, what are you waiting for? Secondly, Microsoft, in all their eminent generosity have decided to give Silver members and others full access to Xbox Live the next few weekends… for free! This will give users the opportunity to see what the Gold members can avail off and check out all the new Xbox Live features and services offered like Facebook, Twitter, , Netflix et al. During these free-for-all weekends, users who haven’t yet had the chance or opportunity for online play will be able to do so with online multiplayer sessions etc. What’s even more enticing is that Microsoft is also going to allow these users to download as much free stuff as they can during these times. This gimmick will drive gamers wild and should get Microsoft a nice pat on the back with even more support from the gaming community. Sneaky little devils.

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