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Freedom Mini GPS

by Dhiram Shah

GPS devices are very handy and you never know when you are going to need it. Though many mobile phones and media devices are integrating it into their systems, a mini stand-alone device that you can hook to your key chain is a practical option. The Freedom Mini GPS hooks onto your notebook, PDA or Mobile Phone via Bluetooth and is synced with the latest in GPS technology; the SiRF Star III which can give you an accurate position even in difficult environmental locations. It is compatible all the popular mapping software currently available. The compact, portable device works like a charm housed with your keys!

The Freedom Mini GPS can be charged in the car or at home. It will set you back by £69.99 ($139) .

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  1. Freedom Mini GPS Designed for Tracking Lost Keys, Small Children

    Tthe Freedom Mini GPS is a tiny standalone GPS module that’s perfectly suited to swinging from your key chain or a homemade ankle bracelet strapped to a wanderlust-prone child. Along with its dwarven size, it features a SiRF Star III…


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