Foxconn may attempt ambitious 130-inch Ultra HDTV Panels for 2013 launch

by Gareth Mankoo

Foxconn know no limits when it comes to display aesthetic presentation. They have gone from strength to strength, not only producing powerful HD displays but also rolling out some gigantic offerings with such capabilities. Among the latest headlines they made is the attempt of a 130-inch panel with Ultra HD resolution, all set to startle millions. The company is a major investor in the Taiwanese LCD making firm, Chimei Innolux (CMI). Hence its goal is to build panel sizes that do not interfere with CMI’s 65-inch Ultra HDTV flagship launch next year.

Other denominations that may be worked on include a 70-inch and 80-inch model. The interesting fact is that the Apple iTV should also be at work in Foxconn’s studio. We’re now hoping for too much, aren’t we?