Four unique designs for creative lovers

by shilpa

If you are design crazy especially for homes and interiors, then these will amuse you. The first is a wall clock that has clock hands that look like ghost hands. The Good Afternoon Clock, made by Japan’s Mile Project, has made a clock that has narrow rays of light that sneak through small slits in the bezel act as second, minute and hour hands. It looks really interesting but you must really have the patience to check the time when in hurry. Then there are these strange looking mirrors by Yutaka Koyama. These are very confusing and distorted. Looks weird and unhealthy. Then there is A/R Studio’s Sweethearts coffee set. This one’s kind of cute with its long white arms and red cups with a red spoon. Make you want to gawk.

Then comes the Wallop by Proudly which is a modular hanger system where each section offers hooks that fold out. Different sections fit together and you can hang anything from clothes or bags or the likes.

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