Foster + Partners unveils world’s most spectacular Apple in China

by Gareth Mankoo

There’s no better feeling than stepping into an Apple Store that is, in all honesty, a glazed cube. That’s what the nice folk from China can enjoy, thanks to this brilliant Apple Store by Foster + Partners. The Chinese New Year commenced on February 19th and what better gift could the technology-loving nation deserve other than this swanky new store in Hangzhou, China. The 15-meter high store is a transparent glazed box with a glowing ceiling, a cantilevered floor and glass staircases. The staircases look almost surreal and appear to be floating, like an Apple-fans dream sequence. The upper deck is made to appear as if it is floating, adding to the footfalls from not only Apple loyalists but also curious onlookers.

The Hangzhou store could well be a geek’s monument. Stepping into the façade of 11 giant glass panels and watching the blinds adjust according to the sunlight outside is simply a treat.









[Via – Inhabitat]

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