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Forget Tesla, Panasonic develops AA battery powered car which runs at 100 km/hr

by Dhiram Shah

We often underestimate the humble AA battery or the pencil cell, but Panasonic unleashed its true potential with the Worlds first AA battery-powered plane and now with a car which runs at 100 km/h and is powered by AA cells. Powering this space age car is a battery pack with 192 Panasonic Oxyride AA cells which are 1.5 times more powerful than normal alkaline batteries. The car is 3.3 meters long has a F1 styled cabin complete with a fin and rudder for better stability and control. In the runs it touched a max speed of 122 km/hr thus entering into the Guinness book of records. The body is made from aramide honeycomb which is also used in bulletproof vests.
(Video and more pics after the jump)

Battery pack

F1 styled cabin

An awesome feat.
Panasonic (Japan)

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