Ford’s new Sync System offers users allergy alerts, flu index and a lot more

by sam

If the most allergic reaction that you have ever suffered from is something in the order of continuous sneezing, then an allergy warning system might not sound all that alluring to you. But if you are one of the are individuals who has a terrible reaction to specific particulate in the air or simply a hypochondriac who believes that he does, then the new Ford Sync System which alerts you about allergies in the air and even lets you know about the flu status of the area you are driving into is an absolute delight to have.

The Sync System allows you to simply run apps like allergy alert on your smartphone while you are still driving using voice commands. If you are bothered about harsh sunlight, then you can even check on the UV measurement outside before you decide to step out. The idea here is obviously to sync up a few of your Smartphone apps with voice commands using the Ford’s interface.

While that does not seem like much for many of us, as of yet, maybe a few more applications driven by voice commands will follow soon. And while such systems allow you to concentrate on the road with both hands on the wheel, it might now be the biggest selling point for the Ford vehicles.