Ford uses car-sized balloons for crash tests

by anoop

Ford is working its way to be in the top ranks for crash safety worthiness. The major automobile company has inherited the platform from Volvo which tops itself in the safety features and crash safety. Ford is developing a lot of safety platforms like radar-assisted cruise control to keep a look out for possible crashes and as a pre-emptive measure, charges your brakes well in advance. We might be in the conclusion that they crash cars into solid concrete walls or into other cars itself at a specified speed, obviously costing a lot of money in repairs and maintenance. Ford has found another way by using balloons shaped cars!

The car-sized balloons are pricey at $10,000 but the advantage here is they are reusable for multiple tests and no car gets damaged in the process thus – A huge savings but not at the cost of safety. It’s also an excellent safety measure for the lives of the crash test drivers as well.