Ford SYNC system will now read aloud Fantasy Baseball updates too

by ruchi

It’s been more than a decade that an automobile stepped out from the confines of just being more than mode a transport. The Ford SYNC hands-free tech product is a pretty good testament to that. The company is now going to please fantasy baseball balls by giving out on-demand weekly statistics on their SYNC device. All you got to do is say ‘Sports,’ ‘Baseball’ and ‘Fantasy Update’ in that order to access the stats. The in-vehicle system will then read out loud leaders in batting average, home runs, RBIs, wins, strikeouts and other dips. You got to have paired Bluetooth-enabled phone with a SYNC Services account to get all of this. The company is looking forward to users making use of this to get the latest dope on fantasy baseball news. Though this adds to your in-vehicle experience you still have to be responsible to not get distracted by it while driving.