Ford and Microsoft team up to bring energy saving smart charging to smart cars in smart homes using Microsoft Hohm

by Shayne Rana

Microsoft and Ford have joined forces to bring forth to the world of hybrid cars Microsoft Hohm. What is Microsoft Hohm you might ask? I’ll tell you, it’s a smart charging system for your vehicle that will help balance the load across the power grid and make for more efficient, recharges. The Ford Focus Electric which will be out sometime next year would possibly be the very first car to come equipped with this energy saving concept. The Hohm system is already available online for the smart home owners, but of course right now it’s not going to be able to monitor your cars electric consumption. It will however be capable of tracking domestic power consumption. The system is only available in the US and will hopefully make its way to other destinations soon. It’s also quite likely that MS will incorporate their new Windows Mobile 7 enabled handsets with a Hohm widget that will wirelessly give you all the information on your car’s and home’s recharging and power consumption respectively.