Ford aims to help drivers follow the ‘Green road’ with MyFord Touch in-car system

by Shayne Rana

Staying ‘green’ while at home in the office of the road is at the top of every manufacturers mind and Ford is taking no back seat here. The latest is that Ford is working on an in-car system that’s designed to help drivers and owners stay ‘in the green’. The system, called MyFord Touch is part of the navigation set up and has functions that inform drivers abut the most fuel efficient route to reaching destinations. The long time car maker has even mentioned that drivers who would use this system could see up to a 15 percent improvement in mileage. There are other features that include a dashboard bar-chart display of mile-per-gallon averages (real-time), internet access point, and of course a GPS device. This is also aside from the obvious media functionality. The MyFord Touch software will hit the market this summer, built into the 2011 Ford Edge, and will be available worldwide in the 2012 Ford Focus. All this and a Microsoft Team up for a green home and car combo. Very neat.
Via – [Greenlaunches]

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