Ford demonstrates fully autonomous self parking car technology

by Sayan Chakravarty

Parallel parking still remains to be the most challenging part of driving a vehicle for many and they absolutely dread the idea of parking their vehicles in tight spots. Though many high-end cars offer assisted parking technology and it has been with us for quite some time now, but auto-shows frequently demo the real life usability of park assist systems and mock their failures under test. We feel the technology still needs some fine-tuning, but Ford in a fresh attempt has demoed their newly developed completely autonomous self parking technology.

Ford touts the system to be so advanced and foolproof that the driver can actually step out of the vehicle and park the car using just a smartphone with the help of an app. The car will automatically search for an optimum spot and notify the driver. Ford also demonstrated Obstacle Avoidance technology. It scans objects in the lane of the vehicle with a range up to 650 feet away. On detecting an obstacle it gives the driver an audible notification. The system automatically brakes and steers around the obstacles if the driver does not respond to the notifications. Obstacle Avoidance Technology uses three radar sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and a camera, and it works at up to 38 MPH. It still is in development phase so we can expect a couple of years before we actually see a Ford using these systems.


[Via – Hothardware]