The Force Awakens with Lego; Key Moments and New Character Kits to be out with the Movie

by Shayne Rana

Lego is one of the few childhood toys that still manage to entice even the adults who were supposed to grow out of it at some point. Speaking as one such adult, I have no qualms about making that known as long as they keep launching their wicked awesome movie themed editions.

Their latest announcement is that the company fully intends to release a few Lego kits in time for the next Star Wars movie i.e. Episode VII – The Force Awakens. The sets would of course include some of the main characters from the upcoming flick and perhaps a few new and old vehicles. Since Lego also consists of diorama set ups, we’re also expecting to see some of the major moments of the film encapsulated on these awesome building blocks. In keeping with the running episode number, a total of seven sets are expected to be launched. So far, it’s all very hush, hush about what we can expect to see come launch time and that’s why I wish I worked at the company. Imagine being privy to some of the best movie movements of the year well before the rest of the world. I can keep secret guys!

Aside from The Force Awakens sets, fans of the franchise and the building bricks can also revel in the delight of knowing that other sets will include classics Star Wars moments like the temple room from the Emperor/Vader/Skywalker battle at the end of Return of the Jedi and an Imperial shuttle used in the same episode, The Naboo Royal N-1 starfighter, Star Wars Microfighters and more. All of these should be out before the year is. It’s going to be an exciting year for Lego fans.

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