For the love of the skies, get a plane into your home

by shilpa

As much as we are thankful to the Russians for the vodka, sometimes they can be a little cuckoo (well, that should have been elemental in discovering the spirit anyway)… they have a thin for planes I think. Just yesterday a guy proclaimed his love for his girl by drawing a heart in the sky for her (yeah, violin background and all) and today this. It is supposed to be a Russian TU jet body attached to the second floor of this building. We are not sure what the building is but why on earth! One, why would someone want to stick an ugly looking plane nose in front of your building and two, how the heck did he or she get a hold of this thing!?

I want to visit Russia now. If this is one of their fantasies, wonder what else they would have in store. Maybe we should alert National Geographic.

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