Foldable AMOLED screen developed by Samsung that leaves no creases

by Gavril Mankoo

Folds leave creases; we all know that, be it cloth or wrinkly skin or foldable displays for that matter. However, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in South Korea has come up with a unique seamless foldable AMOLED screen that leaves no creases behind once unfolded, unlike the rest developed recently. This flexible and foldable display screen consists of two AMOLED panels, silicone rubber (a hyperelastic material), a protective glass cover, and a module case with a folding radius of 1mm. the glass covering keeps away the scratches and allows for a touch-screen system too.

Once perfected and made commercially available, the technology could lead us to massive AMOLED display panels that we could fold up, mobile phone screens with large displays that can be bent and a lot more potentially interesting technology!

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