flyPhone from Firefly are phones for children

by mohsin

It’s so much cooler to be a kid nowadays. Not only do they get these awesome things to play with, their brain cells are sharp enough to know how to play them too. Firefly mobile has introduced the flyPhone multi-media cell phone for children. It has all sorts of features including where children can listen to music, play games, click pictures, see videos and send messages. The phone also has a fkyKick PC software where they can customize their settings. One particular feature, important to parents, a curse to children, is the option for parents to keep a watch on the child’s usage. They can put a PIN where they can choose to limit incoming and outgoing calls to certain numbers stored in the phone book and also prevent adding new ones. They can also control the cost of calls on their kid’s phone. Finally parents can breathe again and not have a pesky child eat their brains to buy them a mobile phone at 5 years.
Source: [Aving]

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