Flying in-flight trolley concept makes mid-air hospitality a snap

by Gareth Mankoo

Food in flights has always been a problem getting across. That’s why a solution that was more timely, efficient and required minimal dealing with constantly troubled airhostesses was in line. Just why we welcome the concept of the Flying Trollet. It fits perfectly well in the narrow aisle and moves smoothly from one end of the flight to the other. This makes it easier for passengers to pass through (or under?) the trolley, even when it is in transit. It basically moves along a railing on the ceiling of the aircraft. The idea is brilliant and there is enough room to place food and beverage in the trolleys. It’s ingenous and can move across the aisle at quicker speeds and by causing lesser obstructions. Just one thing, is it secure up there or will minor turbulences lead things to topple over? Time will tell. The design is by Ka Wai Ng.



[Via – Yankodesign]

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