Fly-and-lie “kipper class” as Airline introduces triple bunk beds in economy

by Dhiram Shah

What the Indian Railways have been doing for years now seems to be the cause of a flutter in the international airline industry. The humble triple-decker beds are common on most trains found in India. German airline Lufthansa is considering offering the same experience to its airline passengers. Triple-decker bunk beds stacked from floor to ceiling may be introduced as an economy sleeper cabin on its long-haul flights. “The triple-decker bunks are set out in the herringbone pattern of a kipper – designed to give the maximum number of passengers the chance of a kip.” It’s most likely that the new Airbus A380 will be fitted with the beds. Lufthansa had recently conducted an online poll to gather feedback from their customers.

Lufthansa revealed computer-generated pictures of its triple-decker bunk beds as part of a customer survey it conducted among selected customers to see if people warmed to the idea. The bunk beds would be transformed from seats after take off and would cost around £120 ($ 230) more than a flexible economy fare. Though there are many challenges ahead in figuring out how the passengers will be seated during take off or while eating meals, but Lufthansa seems confident enough to come out with appropriate solutions.

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