Flatter Me Calls Will Make Your Loved One Feel Special

by iona

I sometimes worry about the Canadians. Flatter Me is a new phone service operating from Montreal, Canada, that allows you to make someone you care about, feel good about themselves. Rather than calling your friends or loved ones directly yourself, you can now pay a member of the Flatter Me team to call and tell them how great they are. You can give the Flatter Me operator directions about what you want said, and they will improvise the rest to make your special person feel truly wonderful. I would definitely prefer my friends to tell me they think I’m great, but I guess the Canadians are a different breed. This could work for those too short of time to call or hang out with their loved ones, but in that case, are they really that special?

A Flatter Me call to someone you care about will set you back $5.